Root Canals in Chicago, IL

Root canal therapy can relieve tooth pain caused by infection. If you are experiencing tooth pain, it may be a sign of infection. Radiating pain from a tooth or your jaw isn't normal. In many cases, Tooth infections occur as a result of non-treatment for a cavity. Non-treatment can lead to severe pain, spreading of the infection and even tooth loss.

Root Canal Misconceptions

Many individuals associate root canals with pain. The reality is that the purpose of root canal therapy is to relieve pain and discomfort and save your tooth. At Comfort Family Dental, our team does everything possible to relieve pain and provide a seamless process. If you experience dental anxiety, let our team know and we'll take extra steps to help you relax and enjoy your dental visit.

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You no longer have to fear the dentist or worry about a painful procedure

Chicago Root Canal Treatment

Tooth Anatomy

Symptoms Of Tooth Infection

  • Pain when eating or chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot/cold drinks
  • Swelling in the face
  • A lingering toothache

If you choose to live with tooth pain instead of seeking treatment, you are hurting your oral health in the future. We have patients say they experienced zero pain for their root canal procedure. Our team is happy to help you experience a pain-free and relaxing treatment. For quality dental care in Beverly, Chicago, give Comfort Family Dentist a call.

Finally, enjoy life again without tooth pain!