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Damaged or missing teeth can turn everyday activities into a challenge. No one should be held back by cracks, chips, crooked teeth, stains or gaps; everyone deserves strong teeth that function well during eating, talking and laughing. To help you restore a healthy, beautiful smile, we offer advanced techniques including:

  • Bonding veneers can quickly fix chipped, stained or slightly crooked teeth.

  • Tooth-colored fillings offer a safe, durable alternative to metal fillings.

  • Advanced teeth whitening procedures can brighten your teeth with little to no sensitivity.

  • Porcelain crowns and bridges offer virtually invisible support or replacement for teeth that are missing or heavily damaged.

Restorative dentistry helps restore and enhance smiles. Just because something has gone wrong doesn't mean your smile can't be restored to its natural beauty. For many, an improved smile means an improved quality of life. Improved oral functions mean you may eat the food you want as you have in the past. With the right treatment plan, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional smile.

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Our experienced dentists care about your results. We want you to eat the foods you want and to have the confidence to speak with others without embarrassment. Our treatment options are perfect for achieving these kinds of results. Get in touch with Comfort Family Dental to understand your treatment options.

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We offer a variety of restorative procedures to restore your beautiful smile

Restore Your Smile For An Improved Quality Of Life

A dental crown supports a tooth with a large filling when there just isn't enough tooth left for alternative treatments. We use crowns to protect a damaged tooth or restore a smile with several missing teeth. Crowns are also used to properly attach a bridge. They may cover dental implants, strengthen teeth, and improve functionality.

Crowns are similar to regular teeth so once they are placed, you can care for them the same way as the rest of your teeth. With a cohesive appearance and functionality as teeth, crowns are the perfect answer for many restorations. If you're in need of a treatment to restore your smile, contact us to learn how crowns may be the perfect solution.

Chicago Dental Implants

Dental implants are popular among many patients as they are essentially a permanent replacement to teeth. Implants have the advantage over bridges in the fact that they can improve your bite with damaging neighboring teeth.

With just three to five visits, you could restore your smile to enjoy improved functionality and appearance for life.

If you're missing all or several teeth, we can craft a beautiful denture that restores your smile. Dentures improve the look of your smile and overall oral health. They allow you to eat as if you've never lost your teeth. They can also improve speech. We offer complete dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. Combine these advantages with regular and proper oral health habits, and you can enjoy a more comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

Complete Dentures Background

With tooth-colored fillings, you don't have to worry about your fillings standing out when people see your smile. They blend in with the color of your tooth bringing an improved appearance and a more flattering option. Enjoy more confidence without the negatives of other options with our tooth-colored fillings.