The decision on whether or not to get dentures is often accompanied by a lot of distress. The idea of giving up some or all of the teeth you have had for your entire adult life can surface powerful emotions. Further, the need for dentures does not happen in an instant and is typically the result of increased pain caused by missing, loose, or aching teeth, dental decay, gum disease, and similar discomforts.

While dentures are often seen as the end of your oral health, they can become a new beginning that improves the quality of your life and the health of your mouth for years to come.

Getting partial dentures early can secure the health of your existing teeth

There are different types of dentures—it is not an all or nothing procedure. Partial dentures can allow you to address a problem area in your teeth or gums to avoid putting other teeth at unnecessary risk. When you have a specific area in your gums where the teeth are loose, pained, or otherwise decaying, that decay can spread to the surrounding teeth. Being open to dentures early allows you to protect the rest of your mouth and potentially reduce the likelihood of needing a full set of dentures down the road.

Dentures can help you eat and smile with confidence

If you have significant tooth decay, gum inflammation, and loose or missing teeth, you may be dealing with a lot of frustrating consequences. You might be unable to eat certain foods, deal with extreme sensitivity, or have muscles in your face that are sagging or sinking as a result of your oral health problems. Dentures can renew your smile, give you more confidence in your look, and allow you to eat and drink the things you want.

Gum disease can be mitigated by dentures

The health consequences of periodontal disease goes beyond the health of your teeth. Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Gum disease can increase your chances of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer, among other ailments. Your dentist can work with you on proactive means to address gum disease without requiring dentures, but such methods may become less effective over time or fail outright, making it even more important to take the step of getting dentures. You will enjoy the benefits of getting dentures above, as well as mitigate the more serious consequences of advanced gum disease.

There is not one single answer for everyone

Work with your dentist to explore which options make most sense for you. It is your health and your decision, but it is important to recognize the risks of putting off getting dentures and the health consequences of doing so. A good dentist can help you weigh the options and outline the many health and lifestyle benefits that denture can provide.

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