Sedation Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Do you experience nervousness or anxiety when visiting the dentist? You aren't alone! Millions of people experience dental anxiety. Our team is experienced in handling these situations and aim to make your dental visits as comforting as possible.

A Comfort Family Dental, we utilize a number of strategies to calm patients and help them feel at ease. The first thing to understand is that dental anxiety is a normal feeling. We can help you get the treatments you need even if you are nervous about the treatment. Just let us know and we'll take extra steps to make you comfortable with our sedation dentistry services in Chicago, IL. You can get the dental work you want in a comforting environment with pain-free techniques.

Let Us Know About Your Dental Anxiety

Our team is happy to help you experience a pleasant dental visit. If you have dental anxiety, please let a team member know so we can take extra care with you during your visits.

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We provide a painless and relaxing dental experience so you can enjoy visiting the dentist

How To Relieve Dental Anxiety

To calm a patients anxiety, we have multiple steps in place to ease the nerves. First, we have created a comfortable office with calming colors to immediately calm the nerves. Next, we communicate treatment processes so you know what to expect. The unknown can be scary. We leave nothing to wonder so you know exactly what's going to happen. Finally, you can relax with IV sedation dentistry treatment options in Chicago so you are calm and relaxed throughout an entire treatment.

Comfort Family Dental Office

A Comforting Dental Office

Our office environment is designed to be friendly, calming, and comfortable. We play calming music in the lobby for an immediate calming effect. There are cookies, snacks, water, and coffee available at our coffee bar to keep your mind off of the appointment. Our staff is there to strike a friendly conversion to further keep your mind positive. You'll feel at home in our warm, open, and clean office. Click here to take a tour of our office.

Clear Communication & Expectations

Our experienced and kind staff is more than happy to help. We are experienced at helping individuals who choose to not use any type of sedation. During your treatment, we move slowly and explain each step before they occur. For extensive treatments, we even allow you time to relax and take a breath. Great communication and listening skills help in tremendous ways. If there is something specific our team can do to ease your mind, just let us know. We'll work with you until you are comfortable and ready for the dental work you need or desire.

Conscious IV Sedation To Relax The Mind

Oral conscious sedation can put you at ease during your dental visit. You don't have to suffer from dental anxiety or fear; this gentle medication allows you to remain awake and helps you feel more relaxed and calm during treatment. Afterward, you'll regain alertness and feel refreshed. If you've been avoiding going to the dentist, please let us help you get the care you need, just the way you want it.


Experienced Anxiety Dentist

Comfort Family Dental uses IV Sedation, also known as conscious sedation, to calm patients without the need to be asleep or unconscious during treatment. With both oral sedatives and nitrous oxide, we have a solution for you. Oral sedatives are small pills you take before your appointment to reduce anxiety and improve relaxation. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe method that aids in overcoming anxiety or fear altogether. While breathing in this gas, one feels a tremendous calm and happy sensation. After treatment, you quickly return to normal. These simple, pain-free sedation dentistry options in Chicago help our patients reduce stress and experience positive dental treatments.