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Comfort Family Dental isn't your average professional dental clinic. We are so much more. We are your full-service family dentistry in Chicago with services covering a wide range of family dentistry requirements. Family checkups and treatment are a breeze. Whether you want your entire family to come in at once, or have each member visit a different day, we'll schedule your appointments in a way that's most convenient for everyone.

A Chicago Family Dentist That Loves To Help

We make dentistry easy for parents with dental checkup reminders, convenient scheduling, and great hours. We're happy to work around your schedule. We offer professional cleanings, exams, and x-rays for thorough checkups and accurate diagnosis. Pediatric exams, or dentistry for children, is convenient here. Our team works with your kids to reduce anxiety by explaining our process so they know there's nothing to be afraid of.

For adults, we offer teeth whitening treatments to improve confidence and brighten smiles in one visit. Choose an Invisalign or FastBraces treatment to straighten teeth in six months. Our treatments are perfect for job interview preparation or anyone that desires a better smile.

No matter the needs of your family, we aim to offer everything in one location so your entire family has what they need from a dentist you enjoy visiting. Schedule an appointment with our family dentistry in Chicago, IL today!

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Our Family Dentistry Solutions

Chicago Family Dentist

Chicago Pediatric Dentistry

We understand how frightening a dentist visit can be for children. Experiencing the unknown for the first few times can create an everlasting anxiety or become a situation that creates a pleasant mindset for future visits. Our friendly team helps children understand the importance of dentistry, showing them how there is nothing to be afraid of. We explain what we're doing, what will happen next and share jokes. It's all about helping children understand what's going on and keeping their mind off the scary aspects to craft a positive mindset for future visits.

Adult Dentistry

We're happy to treat young patients, however, we're proud to treat patients of all ages. We take pride in our adult dentistry offerings with a number of convenient treatment options available. From routine cleanings and fluoride treatments to dentures, implants, and cosmetic dentistry services; Comfort Family Dental is your one-stop-shop family dentist.

Geriatric Dentistry

Geriatric dentistry is the portion of dentistry dedicated to the delivery of dental care to older adults. This includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of problems associated with normal aging, along with age-related diseases.

This portion of dentistry is an important aspect of health maintenance for the elderly. People above the age of 65 are expected to suffer from some kind of chronic medical conditions that require consideration before they begin some kind of dental treatment.

At Comfort Family Dental, we are proud to handle the geriatric dentistry needs of older patients, providing quality dental care for your entire family.

Geriatric Dentist In Chicago