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Wanting a white smile is very common amongst people all over and especially to the people of Chicago, Illinois. In every convenience store, you will find over-the-counter products designed to help people obtain a whiter and brighter smile. If you have purchased some of these items, you have realized that they can work, but only for short periods.

At Comfort Family Dental we recognize the large desire for a better smile and therefore provide our patients with healthy professional whitening that will have your teeth shining!

Zoom Whitening System

If you are familiar with professional whitening given by dental professionals, you might have seen a lot of take-home whitening treatments. Although take-home treatments can be effective, we believe that doing whitening in-office will bring our patients what they want, a fast way to a white smile.

In our office, we have been using the Zoom Whitening System which has brought much joy and satisfaction to every patient that has participated. With at-home treatments, it could take months to achieve the shade that you desire, with Zoom we can deep bleach your smile to your dream shade.

teeth whitening before and after

When you first speak to the dentist about wanting to whiten your smile, we will explain what kind of results you should expect. One main reason our patients are attracted to our Zoom Whitening System is because of the fast results you can receive with little to no sensitivity from the bleaching. We strive to give our patients the best options when it comes to choosing procedures and treatments.

Touch-up Kit: After your main whitening appointment with us, we will provide you with a whitening touch-up take-home kit. This kit allows you to stay updated on your whitening to ensure the deep bleaching stays.


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It is important to speak with our dental professionals when it comes to teeth whitening to be sure you are being safe and keeping your teeth healthy. We recommend not using any over-the-counter products before speaking with the dentist. If you have been desiring to whiten your teeth please don’t hesitate to contact us, Comfort Family Dental of Chicago, Illinois.

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A Whiter, Brighter Smile Is One Visit Away

Unlike many at-home systems, you could experience little to no sensitivity with Zoom. Most patients experience no sensitivity, providing a quick and comfortable experience. Some people may experience minor sensitivity shortly after treatment, which always dissipates. If you are prone to sensitivity, we may recommend an anti-sensitivity toothpaste before treatment to lessen sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Tray

Whiten Teeth With Convenience

We offer the Zoom in-home touch-up kit to keep your teeth white after treatment. Now, you can whiten your teeth when and where you want. In-home treatments are easy to use and specially crafted to fit your specific teeth, making them easy to put in. For ultimate convenience and effective results, the Zoom system is a perfect choice.