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Straight Teeth In Half The Time

  • Do you have gaps between your teeth?
  • Do you hide your teeth for photos?
  • Are your teeth crooked?
  • Do you want to experience less discomfort?
  • Do you want to pay less for your orthodontic treatment?

Comfort Family Dental is proud to be your premier dental office offering FastBraces Technology in Chicago.

Everybody should be able to smile with confidence! People are looking for a solution to straighten their teeth quickly and effectively. FastBraces is your affordable solution!

Your local Chicago dentist can straighten teeth in half the time of traditional braces. Comfort Family Dental uses the FastBraces treatment for an efficient means to straightening teeth and improving smiles. No longer do you have to wait for two or three years to achieve a beautiful smile.

Crooked teeth or crowded teeth can all be solved using a proven orthodontics system that's within budget. Improve confidence with a beautiful smile in a fraction of the time.

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Your Experienced Chicago FastBraces Dentist

Cost and the time it takes to complete treatment are usually the biggest deciding factors when choosing a treatment plan to straighten teeth. We have great news! There is now a faster, more affordable option for a straight and beautiful smile.

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What Is FastBraces?

FastBraces is a short-term orthodontic solution to straightening teeth. With a patented system, FastBraces has been known to correct crooked teeth in four months to a year. This system is so effective because it aligns the crown and roots of your teeth at the same time, instead of separately. This cuts treatment time in half! It's an affordable and effective option for achieving a beautiful smile.

With several hours of continuing education for FastBraces under his belt, Dr. Rowe is experienced at creating orthodontic solutions for adults and teenagers. We have seen patients align their teeth with FastBraces in as little as four months, with all seeing results in a matter of weeks.

FastBraces are more comfortable than traditional braces. Since treatment time is drastically shortened, compared to traditional braces, FastBraces are also less expensive by a large margin. We've heard it time and time again. Patients know they want braces, but they don't want to invest $5,000 in the treatment. With FastBraces, you get results in a fraction of the time and don't have to break the bank. It's perfect for families.

Dr. Rowe FastBraces

Benefits Of FastBraces

FastBraces are known for taking half the time it takes to straighten teeth with traditional braces. They require less visits to the dentist, saving gas money and time away from school or work. Due to quicker treatment and less dental visits, FastBraces are very affordable. They offer an improved comfort level with less pain and low risk of sensitivity. With traditional braces, patients are also expected to wear a retainer daily for months after treatment. After a FastBraces treatment, you only need to wear a retainer for about 15-20 minutes every day. This is known as Tooth Shampoo and is just another reason how this technology is paving the way for better orthodontic solutions.

  • FAST - Treatment takes half the time of traditional braces
  • AFFORDABLE - Cheaper than traditional braces
  • EASY - Don't need to wear a retainer all day long for months after treatment
  • SAFE - Low risk of sensitivity and tested by leading universities
  • CONVENIENT - Less visits to the doctor

Check Out The Results Our Patients Have Seen

Our patients are ecstatic at how quickly they see results with FastBraces. Check out the outcomes of our patients below.